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Booking process

Please note:  Bookings are entered in our calendar. Reserved dates are only firmly booked once a 25% deposit has been paid, this will NOT be refunded in case of a cancellation by you. Once the remaining balance of 75% has been paid via a separate invoice that will be sent to you at a later date, once paid this will also not be refunded in case of a cancellation on your part. A request through the booking form is not binding.

  1. Fill in the booking form and send it.

  2. We will send you an email confirmation for the reserved booking and the first invoicing totaling 25% as your deposit payment.

  3. As soon as we have received your 25% deposit, you will receive a confirmed booking confirmation via e-mail that your booking date has been accepted.

  4. Your second invoice for the 75% remaining payment will be sent to you at least two months before the payment is due and MUST be settled at least 21 days before your arrival at Rapid Lan. Once receipt of the remaining payment, you will be sent confirmation via e-mail that
    the complete payment has been settled.

  5. If a cancellation is sent via email after the paid deposit of 25% and is not sent to within 60 days before your arrival date, the remaining 75% of your confirmed booking must also be settled in full.


The house rules will be signed upon arrival and a deposit of 300,00€ will be paid in cash. On the day of departure, the deposit payment will be returned in full, as long as no damage has found or reported in our Rapid Lan house.

We look forward to your visit and wish you a lot of fun.

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