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House rules

Legal notice

Participation in our Rapid Lan House is only permitted for persons 18 years of age or older. Minors are not permitted entrance to the Rapid Lan Location at any time. Each person must be able to identify themselves with an official and legal document.

Illegal downloads

We explicitly point out that we will not accept illegal use of the internet in our location. If a participant downloads or offers illegal software or copyrighted material, he or she will be immediately expelled from the premises without reimbursement.
If illegal downloads are detected, the event will be terminated immediately without discussion and without compensation claims. Furthermore, follow-up costs, as well as serious consequences will be incurred by all participants. Our fixed IP address is constantly monitored by our provider and registered in a daily log. We prohibit any use of online gambling.


Smoking is only allowed behind the building in our garden or in the adjacent smoking room.

Alcohol and food

Rapid Lan does not serve alcoholic beverages and/or food.


Due to the extreme strain whilst and during video gaming, we recommend taking a break of at least 15 minutes after each hour.


During your stay in Rapid Lan House, it is not permitted to invite visitors in the form of friends, acquaintances and/or family members.

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